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Vi-Spec Inc. specializes in providing the best solutions, hardware, & software available to meet your video production, digital security, and CD/DVD duplicational needs. All of this while still providing our high quality VHS, DVD, CD, and international duplications and transfers that you require.

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Advances in technology have dramatically changed the way we communicate. With computers in almost every home and easy access to the Internet, presentations are not just about paper and numbers; they are now about sight and sound. Film, Video, Computer generated images and spread sheets; all are becoming more prevalent and necessary in this modern world. The more powerful the presentation, the better it succeeds. This brings in the power of Digital media, the two-part equation, a convergence of video and computers. Allowing both a presentation in person or on the clients home computer vie either the Internet or take home media, such as DVD, CD-R, or Video.


Our computer and multimedia solutions draw upon the latest advances to create customized, state-of-the-art solutions. Allowing the consumer to produce these mediums within their own establishments. And we support those solutions with ongoing personalized service, and training. If “do it yourself” is not for you we offer a wide variety of production, editing, and duplication services. We pride ourselves in finding a solution to your needs. It is this dedication to service and customers that has kept us around for almost 20 years. Others have noticed our dedication and have given us the distinct honor of being named a Pinnacle Elite Dealer as well as being the recipient of numerous production awards.

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